The Campaign for Heimdall

Who is Heimdall?

     Heimdall was a Norse God whose name means "one who illuminates the world”. WCC has been called a shining beacon for all those who want an opportunity for a better life and understand that it begins with a sound education. In addition, Heimdall was said to be the one to blow his horn to call all Vikings to the final battle at Ragnarök. So will you answer his call?

Nearly 300 Alumni Answered the Call Last Year!
Last year, a record $32,000 was contributed by Alumni to the WCC Alumni Association's Campaign for Heimdall. For the first time in the College's history, alumni annual gifts
directly benefited the College and its students with purchases of  equipment and programs.  The Campaign for Heimdall gives you choices in supporting the College’s broad divisions such as Technology; Business; Humanities or Health Sciences; or programs like Scholarships, Athletics and Student Services.

What are some of the areas you can invest in?

- Art/Humanities
                     - Business/Human Services
- Math/Science/Technology       - Natural & Health Sciences
- Athletics                                 - Scholarships
- Alumni Programs                 - Area of most need

If you just want to make a gift to the Alumni Annual Appeal without designating were you want your money to go, the WCC Alumni Association will allocate these funds to the areas of greatest  need.   As always, your unrestricted support provides the greatest flexibility to meet the  critical needs of the College and our students.  Let us put your gift where it is needed most!

Answer Heimdall’s call to action today, so that WCC can continue to be the "one who illuminates the world.”

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